iPad Repairs in Liverpool

Quite often, especially with young children, iPads get dropped and the Glass (Digitiser) can get smashed. If you’re very unlucky, the LCD can be damaged too. (You’ll know if the LCD is damaged by lines on the screen, no display or if it’s discoloured.)
Some other issues with iPads that we can help with are: Charge Dock, Volume and Lock Buttons.
As with everything we do, if we haven’t listed it, still give us a call in case we can still help.

No Fix No Fee

If our team of apple experts can’t fix it, then we will not charge you a single penny.

6 Months Guarentee

Here at Liverpool iPhone Repair we offer a 6 month Guarantee on all out work.

Pick up Drop Off Service

We can pick up your iPhone and deliver it back to you in fully working order.

Liverpool iPhone Repair is run by Tech-Stop who are a small team of Laptop & PC Repair Specialists based in Garston, Liverpool.